Why Do Cats Scratch? ...More to the point, why do they scratch your prized possessions? Understanding your cat's need to scratch is more than just an act of charitability on your part.  It's the key to channeling Kitty's efforts to more acceptable areas.
Marking their territory ...Scratching is a territorial instinct by which cats place their mark and
establish their turf.  Through scratching, cats mark their domains with more than just visible signs of claw
marks.  Cat's paws also have scent glands that leave their own special scent on their territory.
...And this is why they mark the most visible portions of your house.  It's Kitty's way of adding her own personal touch to your (and her) home.  Her version of interior decoration.
Exercise ...Scratching also serves to keep your cat in shape. The act of scratching stretches and pulls and works the muscles of a cat's front quarters -- a cross between feline gym workout and Kitty Yoga.
  Sheer Pleasure ...Hey! it feels GOOD to scratch.   So give up the idea of reforming Kitty's desire to scratch.  Re-channel her into scratching where YOU want her to.  You'll both be happier.


Check out our wonderful line of unique, premium kitty furniture!  Our kitten & cat scratching posts are quality built and priced right.  Please contact us for custom pieces.

We also custom make furniture to your specific needs!
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Carpet Colors: Please let us know your carpet color choice and we will accommodate as best we can.  Neutrals are "in" right now and we always have beiges and creams in stock.


                          Small Furniture



Pedestal 2


                                 Medium Furniture

Tunnel Scratcher


Three Tier Scratcher



                          Large Furniture

Kitty House
$199.00 - $224.00
Large Kitty House
 Custom Kitty House
prices vary



Twin Coconut Palm
Single Coconut Palm
Large Oak Tree
Starting at $250.00
Small Oak Tree
Starting at $199.00







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Shipwreck 2


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Shipping costs depend on the type of furniture and your location. Quotes available upon request, please supply zip code for accurate shipping quote.
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All furniture that needs to be shipped does require assembly and the use of a power screw driver... instructions & hardware will be included with the assembly.  Furniture may also be picked up in central Wisconsin.